14 Feb

Invitation Letter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We would like to invite you to participate in the IPAS 2017 International police , safety & security Exhibition, which will be held in TEHRAN, IRAN from the 16th to the 19th of october 2017. This exhibition will enable you to share your experience with other company, present your up-to-date products, and benefit from opportunities to expand co-operation.

I firmly believe that the participation of your organization in this event will play an important role in the manufacture of new products and the development of relations between countries in this field.

Some of our Grouping the equipment and services presentable in IPAS exhibition

Telecommunications and Computer: Telecommunications system, transmitter and receiver systems , data processing systems , audio and visual systems, wireless systems , radar equipment , optical fibers , satellite equipment , types of sensors

  Transportation: light and heavy vehicles , speed reaction equipment , personnel carriers and tanks, specific vehicles, motorcycle, types of light airplanes, types of helicopter

 Arms and Ammunitions: Types of  firearms and cold weapons, shockers , types of explosives, tear gases, riot-control equipment, bomb and mine defusing devices, etc

Uniform and Clothes: Work clothes, anti-fire and anti-water garments, special clothes for specific operations, anti-chemicals clothes , bullet-proof vest , reflective clothes , types of shoes, boot, etc

Light and Image Device: Security cameras, film and image processing systems , camera accessories , night vision devices and ..

Traffic: Traffic control devices, highways safety equipment , traffic sings , replacement and car carrying cranes

Educational and Consulting Systems: Consulting systems , design and control of protective systems, analysis on criminology , optimization , protective systems, educational systems , educational schools ( military and disciplinary sciences) , educational special equipment , simulator systems , etc

 OTHER Areas: Fire-Fighting ,  X-ray equipment , crime detection and fighting against crimes systems , police structures , finger-printing equipment , bullet-proof glasses, types of locks , camping equipment , different industries safety equipment , specialized journals on related areas, etc

We will be pleased to meet representatives from private companies alongside delegations from friendly and partner countries as guests at the IPAS 2017 International police , safety & security Exhibition, in the rapidly developing and beautiful city of Tehran.

We will make every effort to ensure that IPAS 2017 is of interest, and is beneficial to you.

I will send you our site address for register soon.

Kind regards



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